Specialised crisis managers

Making difficult decisions in complex situations; that is what you expect of a crisis manager. We will find you an expert who understands your issues and knows your industry.

Ready for tough decisions

Is your organisation facing a crisis? You will have to make some tough decisions in difficult circumstances. We will find you the crisis manager with the right expertise, allowing you to save time and money by:

  • Defusing the crisis. Your crisis manager makes difficult decisions and implements them.
  • Avoiding a new crisis. Your crisis manager tackles problems in a structured manner, making sure the crisis does not repeat itself.

With a Crisis Manager, you can count on:

  • The right approach| You want to solve the crisis. Our experience in crisis management guarantees a perfect match.
  • Relevant experience| A crisis manager who is aware of your problems? Preferably in the same industry and similar circumstances? That is what we aim for.
  • Quick solution| You can not put a crisis on hold. Thanks to our extensive network we can introduce the right crisis manager in no time.

Why choose us?

  • Valuable experience| One of BCV & Partners’ directors has a proven track record in leading crisis management assignments for years. Your crisis manager is not on his own: we have got his back.
  • Proven success| Throughout the years we have gained valuable experience in the transition and interim management industry. We have seen a large group of individual interim managers at work and we have created an extensive network of experienced profiles.
  • Result-oriented partners| We carefully tune to your needs by pre-screening each candidate, and assisting you in interviews, project follow-up and handover.
  • International network | A crisis abroad? Rely on our global network to find a crisis manager who is familiar with the local legislation and culture.
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