Consulting Offered by Transition Managers

Even though companies frequently require outside consultancy support with projects ranging from digital marketing to the set up of global sourcing procedures, they sometimes hesitate to call upon external help. Big consultancy firms quite often deploy big teams to projects like this, resulting in substantial fees. However, transition management agencies such as BCV & Partners are able to provide companies with the same services at a much lower cost when their interim managers come into play as consultants.


Certain consultancy projects often require only a single dedicated expert or a small team of experts, which significantly lowers the cost. BCV & Partners can provide those experts, chosen from a wide range of independent and experienced managers. A smaller team means closer collaboration with the company’s internal staff, which will allow for a swifter implementation and buy-in of the recommendations. The advice and follow up of the transition management agency will help everyone to stay on track.


Interim managers can rely on extensive operational experience and sector knowledge, which allow them to provide pragmatic solutions instead of merely applying complex methodologies. These experiences mean that an interim manager has the capability to quickly assess a situation, understand a problem and take rapid action. Interim managers in a consulting position are not only responsible for acurately diagnosing the situation in a company, but also for implementing the recommendations based on the findings in their advisory work.

Hiring an interim or transition manager as an external consultant provides a clear set of benefits:

  • The consulting will be done by an experienced professional who will be able to quickly grasp the situation
  • The company will be involved in the project at all times
  • The recommendations will be pragmatic, based on past experiences and implemented by the same person