WIL Group Global Survey 2017

-WIL Group survey highlights nearly three quarters of CEOs are confronted with transforming enterprises- Today’s CEO is seriously experienced when it comes to transforming enterprises. Statistics from the Worldwide Interim Management and Leadership Group (WIL Group) indicate that nearly three quarters (70 per cent) of business leaders surveyed claim to have gone through a business Read more »

Why Boards Fail

  Ian Muir, Director at Keeldeep Associates Limited, wrote an interesting book on how boards interact and collaborate. His findings led him to conclude why boards fail and how to improve their effectiveness.   While researching his book “The Tone From The Top, how behaviour trumps strategy,” Ian Muir interviewed the chairmen of a quarter Read more »

The challenges SMEs and family owned businesses face

It won’t come as a surprise to anyone when we say we’re living in exceptional times where the world is changing at an ever faster pace. Because of trends such as the globalization of one’s competition or the rate at which our lives are becoming digital, many SMEs are finding themselves in turbulent waters. The global competition and the speed at which things change could make the truth of today outdated by tomorrow.

We spoke with Guy Jans, advisor to SMEs and family owned businesses, about the most important challenges facing these companies today. Guy speaks from his experiences as the ex-CEO of a family owned business that eventually got sold to a big multi-national.

The 7 habits of highly effective interim managers

Even though BCV & Partners has only been active for three years in the Belgian and international Interim Management landscape, its associates have many years of experience in the field. While not trying to emulate the work of Stephen Covey, they have learned through those experiences that all great interim management assignments and its managers Read more »

Consulting Offered by Transition Managers

Even though companies frequently require outside consultancy support with projects ranging from digital marketing to the set up of global sourcing procedures, they sometimes hesitate to call upon external help. Big consultancy firms quite often deploy big teams to projects like this, resulting in substantial fees. However, transition management agencies such as BCV & Partners Read more »